Message from the Chairman of Shinei Group

Shinei is a group of corporations developing their electronic manufacturing businesses in JAPAN, South KOREA, China, Philippines and Vietnam.

With annual sales over four hundred million dollars, we mainly engage in the manufacturing business of parts such as pressing, injection molding and alumite treated parts.  We also manufacture finished goods by assembling these self-manufactured parts (EMS).

Shinei Group’s characteristics and objectives are as follows:

Management policy:
In order to develop our business worldwide, we adhere to the following three policies:
1. Keep pursuing the most suitable business model
2. Keep pursuing the most advanced technologies in the industry
3. Keep pursuing the most advanced productivity in the industry

Action guidelines:
We create a working environment which is suitable to become an innovative and profit-making organization. For that purpose, we define the following action guidelines:

1. Free、Fair、Open
2. Simple、Speedy、Flexible
3. Seiri、Seiton、Seiso

Disregarding post or title, everyone is free to share his/her ideas, and their opinions and ideas are evaluated fairly and openly, which are essential for the corporation developing in the future. Decisions made are delivered to employees thoroughly in a simple and clear manner, and are quickly and flexibly implemented.

3S in the manufacturing area is important, but 3S in your brain, concerning information and knowledge, is more important.

Global talents and social responsibilities:
Exploring the global businesses, Shinei Group provides diversified talents with a satisfying working environment. The Group respects the diversity of talents and takes advantage of it. These are indispensable elements for the growth of the Group.

With this understanding, we emphasize on the recruitment of the talents who are capable and ambitious to explore the world market. Each one can bring his/her merits into full play and amalgamate into the team to achieve greater results, regardless of their ages, genders or nationalities.

I believe that not only we pursue benefits, we have to be rooted in the region and melt into the society. Since its establishment, Shinei has been attentive to the environment, and provided customers and the society with a variety of satisfactions through technology and products. This is a lasting principle into the future.


Chairman of Shinei Group


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